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Vedic mathematics is a system of mathematics that was developed in ancient India, based on the Hindu scriptures known as the Vedas. The term “Vedic mathematics” was coined by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha in the early 20th century, who claimed that this system was rediscovered from the Vedas and that it was a more efficient and faster method of solving mathematical problems compared to the conventional methods.

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Vedic mathematics consists of a set of mathematical formulae and techniques that can be used to solve mathematical problems with greater speed and efficiency. These techniques involve the use of mental calculations, and the manipulation of numbers and symbols in specific ways. While Vedic mathematics has been promoted as a faster and more efficient method of solving mathematical problems, its techniques have not been widely accepted by the mathematics community and have not been extensively researched or studied.



  • Using regular mathematical steps, solving problems sometimes are complex and time consuming. But using Vedic Mathematics’ General Techniques (applicable to all sets of given data) and Specific Techniques (applicable to specific sets of given data), numerical calculations can be done very fast.